Below please find the presentations held at the Working Group meeting on 20 November 2013 (Budapest, Hungary):

Introductory presentations:

Priority Area 1a Coordinators – Welcome and status quo of Priority Area 1a on inland waterway (PDF | 993 KB)

European commission – Overview of Latest European policy developments / NAIADES II (PDF | 6.0 MB)

Focus on fleet modernisation:

Marin – Inland vessel fuel consumption under operational circumstances

DTS Duisburg – Innovative vessel and technology solutions with high potential for implementation (PDF | 890 KB)

Focus on waterway maintenance and infrastructure:

via donau – Impact of extreme weather events waterways (PDF | 988 KB)

via donau – Masterplan on waterway maintenance on the Danube (PDF | 412 KB)

CERONAV – Contributions to ongoing EU initiatives with regard to recognition and modernisation of professional qualifications in inland navigation (PDF | 465 KB)

CO-WANDA – Ship waste management on the Danube (PDF | 2.0 MB)