The Steering Group was created in order to advise and assist Romania and Austria in their capacity as Priority Coordinators, for the smooth implementation of Priority Area 1a and to ensure that suitable actions are anchored all over the region and in all participating states. Furthermore, the Steering Group should also make decisions regarding the future development of the area, its objectives, co-operations and guidelines. The Steering Group is also responsible for the labelling of projects to receive a Letter of Recommendation, but not for the operational initiation, administration, organization or execution of such projects.



Detailed information on the role and the tasks of the Steering Group is provided in Article 2 of the Rules of Procedure which were adopted during the second meeting of the Steering Group on 28 October 2011:

Rules of Procedure of Steering Group adopted 28/10/2011 (PDF | 361 KB)




The Steering Group for EUSDR PA 1a is made up of the following members:

  • Danube states: Public authorities (Ministries of Transport) of all 14 Danube states responsible for inland navigation
  • European Commission: DG Regional Policy, DG Mobility and Transport, DG Environment
  • River commissions: International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, Danube Commission, International Sava River Basin Commission
  • Transnational organisations: Danube Tourist Commission, Working Community of the Danube Regions, Council of Danube Cities and Regions, Pro Danube International