Reconstruction of the critical part of the Sava River waterway in the section Jaruge – Novi Grad

The main objective of the project is the integration and modernization of the waterway infrastructure of the Sava within the Trans-European Transport Network. As an international waterway, the Sava river does not meet the navigability criteria for the European inland waterways as provided in the AGN Agreement, since it should enable safe navigation for vessels of class IV for 300 days per year. The project is conducted in the section between Jaruge and Novi Grad.

HERO – Enhance the Efficiency of Hungarian RIS Operation

The objective of the project was to enhance the Hungarian River Information Services (RIS) system in order to support efficient and safe inland navigation on the Danube. The project consisted of works to enhance traffic management services, modernise on-shore RIS services and improve the quality of fairway information services data.

Construction of the LNG Terminal in the public port of Bratislava

The aim of the project is to ensure the infrastructure for the deployment of alternative fuels in synergy with other projects on scientific research and pilot deployments of LNG vessels, LNG master plan etc. By the end of 2018, a feasibility study will be prepared, laying the groundwork for the construction of the LNG terminal.