Development and installation of the navigation monitoring and electronic fairway marking system on the Danube River (AtoNs)

National project (RS) The project's overall objective is to procure and install the equipment for the navigation monitoring and fairway marking system on the Danube River in Serbia. The new navigation buoys will be allocated on the Danube River in Serbia and will be equipped with AIS AtoN transponders that will enable real-time monitoring of the condition of the marking system and at the same time make the navigation buoys visible for all participants in navigation by using the AIS and ECDIS systems on the ship deck.

GrinFleet – Green Inland Fleet

Transnational project (NL, IT, FR, DE, AT, HU) The project would have resulted in co-modal logistic solutions and vessel solutions (hull configurations, power and propulsion trains, special business cases).

Master Plan and feasibility study for the development of the TEN-T ports, including Komarom Port

National project (HU) The preparation of the Master Plan, Feasibility study and 20 case studies for the overall ports development along the Hungarian section of the Danube will be coordinated with the “Master Plan and feasibility study for the Komárno port” (PA1A141) elaborated by Public Ports jsc. of Slovakia. The outcome of the studies will lay the ground for future port development by setting strategic directions and development priorities after 2020.

Core Network Port Regensburg – Improving Accessibility

National project (DE) The project aims at improving the accessibility of the port and to strengthen the multimodal TEN-T Core Network. Activities focus on the works for the construction and the electrification of new railway tracks in the port area, and the improvement of some level crossing points.

GRENDEL – Green and efficient Danube fleet

Transnational project (DE, AT, HU, BG, RO) The overall objective of the project is to support Danube fleet operators as well as public bodies (like ministries & relevant authorities) which are relevant for regulatory and policy actions in their efforts to set up a comprehensive strategy and concrete actions for launching a targeted long-term Danube fleet modernisation process on a transnationally harmonised basis.