GRENDEL – Green and efficient Danube fleet

The overall objective of the project is to support Danube fleet operators as well as public bodies (like ministries & relevant authorities) which are relevant for regulatory and policy actions in their efforts to set up a comprehensive strategy and concrete actions for launching a targeted long-term Danube fleet modernisation process on a transnationally harmonised basis.

DaReM – Danube Rehabilitation Measures

The Action aims to implement the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its tributaries by modernising the dredging equipment and fleet of the Slovak Water-management Enterprise (SVP) as well as the Water construction state enterprise (VV) and by removing bottlenecks on the Slovak Danube stretch.

Master Plan and feasibility study for the Komárno port

The project entails preparing a master plan and a feasibility study for the future expansion and modernization of the port of Komárno. Both will serve as a decision-making tool for the selection of the best options for future expansion and modernization. The preparation of the Master Plan and the Feasibility study for the development of the Port of Komárno will be coordinated with the “Master Plan and feasibility study for the development of the TEN-T ports, including Komarom Port” along the Hungarian section of the Danube (PA1A142).

MreNa – Feasibility study: Morava River – Recreational Navigation

The project MreNa focused on the river March/Morava which marks part of the border between Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and its high tourist potential. MreNa conducted a feasibility study as to how shipping tourism can be extended while minding its effects on the nature protection areas as well as the different jurisdiction in Austria and Slovakia.