Reconstruction of the Erlangen lock

National project (DE) Several rehabilitation measures were already conducted at the lock Erlangen at the Main-Danube Canal in order to maintain its functionality. Until 2028, a replacement construction will be built 300m north of the existing weir and lock.

Overhaul of the lock Kachlet

National project (DE) The designed life span of 80 years is already exceeded and major rehabilitation of both lock chambers as well as the weir complex is necessary. The overhaul project aims to improve the reliability and safety of the navigation lock infrastructure, eliminating the occurrence of long closures and preventing malfunctions.

Deepening of the fairway of the Upper Main

National project (DE) The upgrade of the Upper Main to class Vb is intended to enable a fairway depth of 2.9m, increasing the possible depth by 4 dm. Planning, approval and construction phases are conducted subsequently for different sections and are expected to be completed by 2020.

Upgrade of the Danube between Straubing and Vilshofen: Pursuing Variant A

National project (DE) Germany and Bavaria agreed on the realization of Variant A for the upgrade of the Danube between Straubing and Vilshofen, aiming to increase the possible draught loaded at low navigable water level by 20cm, from 1.60m to 1.80m. In a first step urgent flood prevention measures and selected activities of Variant A will be realized in the section from Straubing to Deggendorf (subsection 1).

Danube Feasibility Study Phase I. – Technical measures to provide required fairway parameters between rkm 1880.260 and 1708.200 of the Danube

National project (SK) The project will strengthen the sustainability of water transport between the Slovak Republic and other states on the Danube waterway. At the same time, the feasibility study will undertake a first step towards fulfilling the requirement to complete the construction of the TEN-T core network by 2030.