Constanta Green Port

The project idea comprises of the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for Constanta Port, obtaining the EMAS & PERS certification for the port, increased cooperation between stakeholders active within the port, the improvement of the social climate, health, safety and training of port workers, etc.


The project's overall objective is to foster the use of LNG in the inland navigation sector across the Danube, therefore contributing to the European alternative fuels implementation strategy. The project includes a study and a real-life pilot deployment and is implemented in the core port of Csepel-Freeport.

DBS Gateway Region – Regional and Transport Development in the Danube-Black Seas (DBS) Region towards a Transnational Multi-port Gateway Region

DBS Gateway Region project aimed at supporting the Danube-Black Sea region to become an attractive gateway region for maritime and inland waterway transport between Central Europe and the Black Sea, the Caspian region and the Far East by facilitating increased intensity and quality of cooperation between ports, regions and other key actors.

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

The LNG Masterplan created a platform for cooperation between authorities and industry stakeholders with the purpose to facilitate the elaboration of a harmonised European regulatory framework for LNG as fuel and cargo in inland navigation and to promote the introduction of LNG as a fuel and cargo for inland shipping. A comprehensive strategy with a detailed roadmap was elaborated and pilot components were tested and monitored.

Rehabilitation and upgrade of the Iron Gate I navigational lock

The navigation lock at the Serbian side of the dam at Đerdap 1 (river-km 943) has been in operation for about 40 years and the lock at the Serbian side of the dam at Đerdap 2 (river-km 863) for about 25 years. The structural, mechanical and electric installations which are necessary for locks operation are in poor condition. The Iron Gate I navigational lock (Đerdap 1) will be rehabilitated and upgraded within the next years.