Integrated River Engineering Project / Catalogue of Measures for the Danube East of Vienna

National project (AT) The Catalogue of measures for the Danube east of Vienna is the result of an integrative planning process and a multi-year concept based on a pilot project phase, offering compatible solutions for both navigation and ecology. It includes the granulometric improvement of the river bed / sediment management, the new and re-construction of groynes, side arm reconnections, river bank restorations and the stabilization of scour holes. The interdisciplinary planning approach with strong stakeholder participation shall guarantee optimal solutions for all involved parties.

Building and reconstruction of the south quay in the Port of Osijek

National project (HR) This planned port infrastructure project foresees the construction and reconstruction of the south quay in the Port of Osijek. The four phases include the construction of basic ports infrastructure (rail tracks, roads, water supply system, electric power supply network, etc.), a container terminal, a RO-RO terminal and the reconstruction of the existing vertical and inclined quay.

Upgrade of Gabčíkovo locks

National project (SK) Due to discontinuous operation of the Gabčíkovo locks, safe, reliable and quality navigation and especially passing the locks on the Slovak stretch of river Danube is not provided. Upgrade of the Gabčíkovo locks aims at the modernisation of Gabčíkovo locks and consequently the provision of continuous and stable navigation conditions for both of the Gabčíkovo locks and to ensure a safe passage through the locks.