Banks consolidation on the Danube–Black Sea Canal

National project (RO) Banks consolidation works are planned on the Danube-Black Sea canal in order to ensure the safety of inland waterway transport. Uncompleted works, the type of the rocks, the influence of hydro-meteorological factors (wind, rain, snow) and the repeated cycles of freeze-thaw may cause landslides and rock falls, with major impact on the general stability of the embankments of the canal.

GETUP – Green Danube Ports

Transnational project (AT, HU, HR, RO, UA) GETUP represents a project idea which wanted to initiate and to promote the sustainable development of Danube ports with investment into green technologies and by applying green business strategies. GETUP must be seen as a blueprint for a comprehensive and long-term initiative to improve the efficiency and the eco-performance of all Danube ports.

VTMIS-3 – Vessel Traffic Management Information System – Phase 3

Within the framework of the Black Sea region Bulgaria was the first country which established a system for monitoring ships with dangerous cargo and to protect the marine environment from pollution. The National Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems (VTMIS) was established for that purpose in stages in the time period 2002-2015.

FAIRway Danube – Coordinated deployment of the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its Navigable Tributaries (EUSDR Strategic Project)

Transnational project (AT, SK, HU, HR, BG, RO) Within this action national investments in state-of-the-art pilot equipment are coordinated. The new monitoring and marking equipment, along with new and harmonised services for waterway users, is used to improve the waterway administrations' operative maintenance tasks and to elaborate further measures for Danube rehabilitation and maintenance