SWIM – SMART Waterway Integrated Management

Transnational project (RO, BG) Over the last two decades, the reliability and cost-effectiveness of Danube transportation deteriorated tremendously. The severest restrictions to navigation occurred on the Lower Danube, in the common Romanian – Bulgarian Danube sector. Three locations are especially critical: Calafat, Bechet and Corabia. Capital dredging measures are planned for each of these sections.

DREAM – Danube River Research and Management

Transnational project (CZ, AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, RO, BG, UA) The project DREAM provides the umbrella for a set of research topics. The objective is to establish adequate hydraulic laboratories, improve computer-based simulations and establish commonly agreed field study sites along the Danube for the research of hydrodynamics, sediment transport, morphodynamics and ecological processes in the various reaches of the Danube river.

Innovative Danube Vessel

Transnational project (DE, AT, RS, RO) The project supported the further development of innovative vessels and technology solutions for reducing the environmental impact of Danube navigation.