IRIS Europe 3 – Implementation of River Information Services in Europe

IRIS Europe 3 ensured the continuation of RIS implementation in Europe and provided the necessary cooperative implementation framework for setting up pilot implementations for Quality of Information Services for RIS, nationally and internationally. All Danube countries were involved either as fully financed or as cooperation partners within IRIS Europe 3.

NELI – Cooperation network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions (project example in EUSDR Action Plan)

The project established a cooperation network between stakeholders from inland waterway transport (IWT), research / education and administrative sectors along the Danube corridor in order to develop balanced capacities for trans-national cooperation in the field of logistics and nautical education and training including regional policy support actions.

PLATINA II – Platform for the Implementation of NAIADES

PLATINA II was the follow-up project of PLATINA. The main objective was to support the Commission, Member States and third countries in the implementation of the NAIADES I and II action programmes by bringing together all relevant actors concerned in a broad knowledge network, thereby maximising its contribution to the European policy goals.