Below please find the presentations held at the Working Group meeting on 24 May 2016 in Bucharest (Romania) at the premises of the Parliament Hotel:

Introductions by Priority Area Coordinators (PDF | 458 KB)

Working Group on Fleet Modernisation:

PROMINENT Project (Juha Schweighofer, viadonau) (PDF | 1.5 MB)

Topofahrt – energy efficient navigation (Benjamin Friedhoff, DST) (PDF | 857 KB)

Developments in the usage of LNG as fuel in inland waterway vessels (Bas Kelderman, EICB) (PDF | 2.4 MB)

Innovative inland waterway vessels for the Danube region (Vasile Giuglea, Ship Design Group) (PDF | 1.4 MB)

Modernisation of the inland waterway vessels for the Danube region – activities performed by NAVROM (Roman Igor, NAVROM) (PDF | 2.6 MB)

Fleet modernisation: What do we finally need for a successful realisation (Manfred Seitz, PDI) (PDF | 639 KB)